It's Not A Secret; I'm Just A Reject

5 Seconds Of Summer and offensive things. Those are my specialties.

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For sixpenceee

I have a glitch in the matrix story I’d like to share with you…

When I was little, I used to have these reoccurring lapses in my memory. I am seventeen now and I don’t have them to this extent anymore.

The difference was that when I was about 7-8 I could…


you know how a period is supposed to last 3-7 days

who is that asshole that only has to suffer 3 days

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*doesn’t have internet access for a week*


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New Comic!

Pronouns, right? Super weird little lexical referents. 

My site moved to a new host, so everything should be better now! Everything -  my site, my comic, my life, my cats, my cooking, my sex. Everything. 

Read the thing people.

the apology thing is really important because the second you do that the mistake becomes about you and your feelings and it becomes my job to console you after having my own feelings hurt.

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Fall Out Boy - Centuries

you will remember me for centuries

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